Is There PROOF of the Existence of God?

The reality is, that there is not enough evidence to prove the existence of someone who does not WANT to believe. But what about the Seeker or the curious Agnostic? Once again, it comes down to motivation and Worldview. Most times, the Believer is looking for evidence FOR the Creator; the Atheist is looking for evidence AGAINST a creator; and the Agnostic looks for nothing...they all find what they are looking for. Sadly, the curious Agnostic rarely takes the time to actually look at the evidence, for fear of what they may find: TRUTH. Truth is all one should care about. It should be the driving force of one's existence. Why are you here? Where did you come from? What is your purpose? None of these questions can be answered by Science (the material world). But a valid Seeker of Truth does not bind themselves by time, space or matter; they simple follow the evidence to wherever it leads.

So the journey actually starts in the heart (spirit). The mystery of Consciousness. Admitting to one's self that they have an inner witness that there must be more to life than working, eating and sleeping. Recognizing that you are repulsed by the idea of floating downstream with all the other dead fish, is a good place to start. You are different! The fact that you are reading this material is proof! You want to make a difference in this world by being a Light Bearer. Someone who illuminates the Path. Once you realize and admit that you want to walk on a Higher Plain of existence, you have taken the first step on your amazing journey towards Truth!  But until you reach that point, the point in which you WANT to know the Truth, the evidence will be meaningless.

But where does the journey lead, and how do you get started?

You must first determine where you are right now:

1) Godless:  Couldn't care less about God or spiritual issues.
2) Atheist: "I know there is no God."

3) Skeptic: "I doubt there is a God."
4) Agnostic: "I'm not sure if there is a God."
5) God Hater: Claims to be an atheist, but actually believes in God... but doesn't like Him.
6) Seeker: "If there is evidence of God, I want to examine it to find the Truth."
7) Deist/Theist: "There is overwhelming evidence of God, but I don't know who He/She is."
8) Deceived: Believes in God but fell into a CULT (Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.)
9) Backslider/Lukewarm: Claims to be Believer, but doesn't walk the talk (truly lost).
10) Believer: "I have examined the evidence and Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord."

Once you determine where you stand right now, and that you have decided that you want  to progress as a Truth Seeker, the best next step is to simply start examining the evidence. Science and Faith actually go hand in hand. Albert Einstein said, "The more I study science, the more I believe in God!"  It was Einstein's theory of General Relativity (E=mc2) that revolutionized our understanding of Time, Space and Gravity.  That theory opened new doors and minds to other understandings about the Creation of the Universe, namely the newest Space Time Theorems (STT).  Currently, almost all physicists agree that the Big Bang (creation of the Universe) was not just the beginning of matter, but also time and space (as well as dark matter and dark energy).

They also universely agree that the CAUSE of the Big Bang had to come outside of Time, Space and Matter.  In other words, the Creator of Time, Space and Matter had to exist OUTSIDE of Time, Space and Matter.  This would exclude any known Entity (or alien) that currently exists in our dimension.

Let's see...  The scientific community has finally agreed that the Universe had a beginning (just like the Bible has been saying for 1000's of years).  The scientific community has finally agreed that the Universe is expanding (just like the Bible has been saying for 1000's of years).  The scientific community has finally agreed that the Cause of the Big Bang had to   be transcendent (outside of our Time/Space domain) just like the Bible has been saying for 1000's of years.  Those are just some of the millions of evidences for the existence of the Creator and the trustworthiness of His Word.

So can science PROVE the existence of God?  No.  But is there EVIDENCE?  More than anyone could possibly need...unless they don't WANT to believe.